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Moorea from tahiti

Lat/Long – Cabbage Tree Creek Marina
Weather – Fresh Australian winter evening in SE Queensland (extremely fresh, we aint in the tropics no more)
Stereo – My Destiny, Lionel Richie

A couple months pass, and I can’t help but be pleased with all of our advancements.

After a brief visit in April, Moana seemed happy in her long term resting place, and I painstakingly had to return to a regular job.

Long days in the Tahitian sun, running the deck of a 170 ft steel hull beast. I would return to the land of endless planning and possible avenues to carry on.
Though French Polynesia has been base for five years now, there was little joy. Work hours took up all daylight hours, and a fair few weekends.

20 minutes a day, watching the sun setting behind the island of Moorea, was my only solace.

With a tired body and a sun-stroked mind, pieces fell into place.

Making the final decision to shut down the charter doors, and focus on clothing was a huge step.

After hearing time and again about how much people liked the logo, and whether they loved or hated the name (one way or another they remember it, HA!) It was clear, we would once again have to take matters into our own hands, if we were to generate an income for The Ocean Ambassadors.

And why not?

No one sponsored the event last year, not one company came to the table. We, as a group of friends, banned together and did it. We took on the Pacific Ocean in all her glory and made it. So what if we had to pull the plug a little early. I wasn’t about to loose friends or my boat after coming so far. The point is we made it to safety in the end.

So with all our adventure and all those good times, a brand was born.

Born from battle, as they say.

dolphi blog


Now came the hard part. The mind can wonder easily when figuring out all of the logistics of starting a label.

The biggest thing for us was legitimacy of product.
–    Who is producing quality clothing?
–    Where is the fabric coming from?
–    Can we help ocean clean up by directing plastic supply?
–    What do people want to buy?
–    Is there anyway to incorporate our team mascot and bring forth the almighty Dolphicorn (Thank you Ben for conceiving and Kathy for birthing her)
–    How do we present it?

After many e-mails, endless calls, pouring over websites and checking the sources we have now found the top manufacturer for Eco clothing. Just check the certifications we have for every piece! BOOM.

boardroom cert

Then we called the only man capable of multi tasking as much as us.

Glen Bowden, the magic man, the wonder, the mystery, the man behind the lens, the compassionate, the talented, the extremely generous, Glen Bowden (www.glenbowden.com)

Glen has now, not only made a dedicated site and film short for the Ocean Ambassadors. He also came out, shot our clothing, edited another film short and organized two great models to offer their time as well.

And I haven’t even paid him!

He has done all of this to help us, all to see us move forward. And for that Glen, you can have Moana and Dolphicorn’s first born. Not sure what will happen when a 38ft double hull canoe and a mythical creature breed, but I’m sure it will be GLORIOUS.

Getting the right people to show it off was important. Within 12 hours of our Magic man putting out the vibe (they call it a casting call) he had a few models to choose from. All had offered their time for free to help the cause, and all were stunning.

womens jacket and pants
(please note this is not a picture of Glen, that’s not allowed)

I guess this is a good time to mention I had my Grandma here helping with Moana. As I was engulfed in a complete interior varnish job of the WHOLE boat! Granny was up at the house scrubbing every pot and pan, washing and re-washing every dish on-board, cleaning the toilet (this was actually easy for her, cause I took it out and brought it to her, so don’t be hating) and even relentlessly bothering me about washing my work clothes every night.
I would get a daily recap of all worldly events, and local news (something I don’t normally get being a hermit) and even whatever else she made up in her head while bleaching out our plumbing.
It was marvelous.


The reason I mention all this, was after Glen had some models picked out for us to choose from. I had an extremely comfortable team meeting with Granny on which one to pick.
This was not awkward at all!

After much consideration, and pouring over photos of Brisbane’s finest, I went with my gut, closed my eyes and threw a dart at the wall.

It landed on Ryan Lissanne Price, after confirmation, I learned Ryan is actually a finalist for this years Miss Earth Australia contest. Though I have no idea about beauty pageants whatsoever and can honestly say I have never even seen one, this interested me. So I let my fingers do the walking and found out what that actually meant.
Whatya know, it turns out Miss Earth is actually “for earth-loving participants who will motivate members of their local communities to take action to protect the Earth from man-made pollution. Our candidates must be cheerful, intelligent, articulate, beautiful, knowledgeable about environmental issues and be committed to doing their best to help make our planet clean and sustainable.”
Hmmm, yup that’ll work.
After having Ryan onboard and learning a little more, we know who our pick is. So get out there if you can and help our cover girl take the title.
Though we have officially offered her the position of deckhand, or “swabby” in our world, we do hope that Ryan claims this title and goes on to conquer Miss Earth of the whole entire world!

womens hoody and pants

That brings us to the sultry man sporting all our leisurely goods. Paul Pizzica. Paul came out of no-where answering Glen’s casting call on taking part.
Paul was early to the shoot, and after some brief chitchat, the hard questions came out.

“So, Paul, do you like unicorns?”
An uncomfortable pause passed and seeing he was already reconsidering the shoot, I handed him his Dolphicorn shirt.
Paul took to her like any normal sane person would, and fell instantly in love.
Extremely professional and super easy to get along with Paul filled out the Leisure Activist Group line with style and ease.
Too bad there wasn’t a Mr. Earth or we’d have the dream team.

mens jacket and pants

Whew! What a relief. We can now see if this is something people will respond to.

So get out there people and spread the word, if you have read through the Indiegogo campaign hopefully you understand what we are about. If you haven’t please take the time to do so.

An immense amount of work has gone into this. And we cannot achieve our goals with either The Ocean Ambassadors or our work with Upcycle the Gyres if we do not generate an income.
It’s up to you now people. Share it around, buy Christmas presents for the family and tell your local shop these are the types of products you want to see on the shelf.

Leisure Activist Group is a brand from the people for the people.

Much love…


LAG team Sept 2012
(Last years team in Fiji)

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