Recycled Polyester


How green is your t-shirt?

Cotton and similar fabrics are less expensive and take less energy to manufacture than synthetic fibers like polyester. But over its lifetime, a cotton T-shirt requires more than twice as much energy than is necessary to manufacture and maintain a polyester tee. The main difference is that polyester garments can be washed at a lower temperature, can hang dry and do not require ironing.



XRPET is Leisure Activist Group’s most sustainable method of textile production. Starting with verified single-source post-consumer recycled PET, the XRPET process incorporates Solution Dyes, which add pigment directly into the yarn. Solution Dyeing is a less water and chemical intensive process, and replaces more harmful conventional water-based dyeing methods.

XRPET is certified with a Verified Chain of Custody Certificate (VCCC), provided by Leisure Activist Group. In addition, Leisure Activist Group can incorporate a measurable tracer element to the raw material, to support claims of recycled polyester content at the end-user consumer stage.

Leisure Activist Group has developed two XRPET fabrics: XRPET Drytech and XRPET Eco Tech-Fleece, which are currently available in black only.