Our flagship S.V. Moana is in the process of becoming a floating model for Green Islands. Everywhere we go in the Pacific Ocean, we offer Moana to existing youth organizations who are involved with education. Through this we have been able to get locals ON and IN the water for their first time.

It is a completely “hands on” experience of how you can design and promote next generation municiple scale utilities.

Other than having a great time on the ocean these kids are able to learn what is available today and how to make a positive choice for how their islands will grow.

GIP will develop best practices and engineering standards for an “energy internet” that will foster clean-energy competition and collaboration by lowering the overall costs of deployment for sustainable technologies. The techniques refined through these projects will be available to underserved or energy-impoverished regions, and may act as a blueprint for the redesign
of the grid.

GIP is an isolated (or isolatable) municipality that meets some or all of its energy needs from local renewable sources. A sustainable and distributed energy ecosystem that creates local jobs while reducing fossil fuel ependence, an opportunity to innovate next-generation sustainable infrastructures outside of the restrictions of legacy industrial models.

In this carbon constrained world, the GIP replicable model: sequesters carbon, supports economic localization and provides worldwide education addressing the critical need for creating green collar jobs. The GIP concept is based on an adaptive system model that optimizes the integration of energy conversion technologies to benefit cost and performance. Performance is related to environmental and efficiency benefits. As a result, a typical GIP designed system will perform better than the sum of its parts when used in a legacy system design.

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