I’m Leaving…

ben board

March 19, 2012
Lat: 35 17’. 3 S
Long: 174 06’. 4 E
Weather Observation: Pissing down rain and a butt load of wind
16:29 (NZ Time)
Days Events: Bail out dinghy after 19mm of rain in one 3 hr gap. Found a weather window to go ashore and re-supply. Forgot coffee and milk…..
Stereo: Barringtone Levy
To Whom It May Concern:
I’m leaving, not today, nor on a jet-plane. But soon, and aboard our new flagship bound for the Promised Land. We approach the end of March, and I’ve been in the “civilized” world far too long this time. Some people talk about us voyagers going “tropo.” In my humble opinion, it is the other way around.
This is the first official Blog for us. Few people may remember some that were posted on the old wordpress site, however those days are behind. I never really gave in to those writings. I found it awkward and forced. Never wanting to sound like we were gloating, always claiming or preaching. But once again, those days are behind. I will not be writing all of the “Capt. Blog’s.” I hope to have our guests, friends and crew fill in these blanks on later days. This is to give outer perspectives, and relieve you, our peoples, of my Cabin Fever induced ramblings.
Tomorrow is a big day for me, no, for us. Things didn’t go to plan, but when do they? It has been a long, and sometimes arduous, two years to get here.
Since Jan 1st of this year the heavens opened up and shone a light in our direction. As I awoke to complete clarity after a long night watching my holding in gusty north winds off the coast of Moorea, the sleeping tiger rose up, to get back on the streets. Done his time and took some chances.
Went the distance, now he’s back on his feet. Just a man, with a will to survive.
The journey was mixed with raw emotion, but it all seems pointless now. Then again, it may never have happened if the eyes were taken from the prize.
Now with everything in place we begin.
We now have control of a little gem of a yacht. She’s 38ft of bliss. In true Wharram style the boat is completely lashed together and the hull design derives its lines from ancient Polynesian sea-faring craft. On-board we have all modern safety equipment required for open-ocean voyaging. So that’s E-pirb, VHF, Sat phone, Life Raft, Harness’s, jack lines, life vest, you name it, we are holding. As for creature comforts, there’s two spacious double cabins 1 integrated with the galley, 1 with the head, there’s two singles, 1 per hull. Ohhh she’s a treat, all of our interior and exterior lights are L.E.D., there’s a 75 liter fridge/freezer a two burner stove w/ oven. The entire boat runs off 4 x 90 watt solar panels… It’s the closest I’ve ever came to being a proud father, though technically this would be an interracial adoption, I’m so proud!
She is exactly what we were looking for. “The best combination of old and new.” Everything you need and nothing you don’t.


So now Leisure Activist Group is officially running the GIP Ocean Ambassador program. What does that mean?

– This boat will be used as a floating model for Eco Soul’s Green Island Project.


– This year we are raising funds to do a complete retro fit to have everything, including our auxiliary propulsion, running on renewable energy sources.


– We hope to be able to offer this boat out to youth organizations as we travel through the pacific.
– Being sensitive to the fact these people founded most navigational techniques and construction of modern seafaring craft, we hope to able to have their elders come aboard with us and do the actual teaching of their techniques special to their area.
– We in turn hope they gain an understanding of how modern technology has progressed in the field of harnessing not just wind, sunlight and hydro power, yet how we can use our garbage, local biomass, organic waste and even waste water for a purpose.
– We hope to lead by example. We believe people are starting to realize what is at our disposal. Our yacht will be one model of a small self-sustained unit that is perfectly livable and useful.


Now, I need everyone here to realize something. I am a complete hermit. I don’t know much of what’s happening around in other parts these days. From the time I’ve spent around “civilization” as of late, I’ve learned “going green” is seen as a “fad” or a “marketing gimmick” for most.
This may be why it has taken two long years to reach this point. I have learnt some things, that are for sure. But you can’t ever stop learning. Even if it’s about things you never intended to be a part of.
For me that was business. If this were a subject in my school, I would fail. Pure greed is something I will never understand, and I dont believe it can be taught.
Our initiative with the GIP Ocean Ambassador program spawned from a lifetime of playing outside.
I was lucky in the sperm lottery. My parents had me camping at 11 months old, sleeping alongside my 3-year-old brother in a tent on our own.
This is punishable by stoning in North America now!
We were always doing something. On the lake in the warm months, mountains in the cold. That sort of stuff sticks with you.


Things I herd about in “civilization” were grim. There was that whole wall street occupation or something, a nuclear disaster almost destroying the north pacific, huge amounts of oil flooding the gulf, no-one seems to have money and a bunch of people are still fighting about who created our existence.
So, with not wanting to preach, we will practice. We are extremely focused on becoming a self-sustained unit, who enjoy this earth. We will use the elements to power our house and enjoy them above and below water in the warm sun with trade winds and large long period swell’s.


If you feel this is the way forward, and wish to support a company who is focused on change, join our group. You have the choice to put clothes on your back, or equipment provided by the select few who we have personally chosen to be involved with. You can even by part of the journey if you wish! Memberships
Tomorrow I start training. This august I plan to Kite and SUP from Tonga to Australia via Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and land in Brisbane. I believe, in the spirit of utilizing natural resources, I choose to use modern sports that do just that to power my journey. All for our  GIP ocean ambassadors program. Tomorrow I will wake up, and start a final inventory of our boat before our impending departure. If you feel this is the way forward, refer to our member’s page and choose which level suits you best.

I leave with a message I hope everyone is listening to:
“We have been fighting a long time, and we have lost so very much. So many loved ones gone, but you are not alone.
There are pockets of the resistance all around the planet. We are at the brink.
The effect of their weapons range is less than 100m, they pack a lot of firepower, but the T-600’s are heavy, slow and are of primitive design.
You cannot out run them. You have one option. The weak point is partially exposed at the back of the neck. A knife to this area will disorient their tracking device but not for long.
Above all stay alive. You have no idea how important you are, and how important you will become.
The machines are advancing even faster than I told you they would. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They’re inventing new terminators, new ways of killing us.
Skynet is planning something big, but the resistance is planning something bigger.
This is Leisure Activist.
If you are listening to this, you are the resistance….”


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