I Love My Job!


I Love My Job!!!!!!! (or aka Money Nuggets)

What a start to 2014!

As our followers would know, January was absolutely insane. The “Talking Trash Tour” was a massive success.

The Ocean Ambassadors program hit Australia and teamed up with the best possible “get it done” team we could imagine.

Tim Silverwood and all you beautiful people at Take 3 were amazing. Who else can claim our reach in a time span like that? 27 days, 15 cities and over 30 events! We packed out houses in multiple locations, spoke at top tier locations such as the Marine Science center, Maritime Museum, Sealife Aquarium’s and had the honor of working with all of the legitimate organizations on the east coast focused on the Marine Debris issue.

So why was our campaign so successful?

Why did the media fall in love with the dynamic duo?

In my humble opinion it was due to the pure and simple message of “we can all be a part of the solution”

My favorite part is that we were able to take it outside the normal realm of preaching to the converted and brought in people from every walk of life to realize we can make an impact be involving industry!

All it takes is supporting our efforts by buying 1 piece of our clothing made from waste materials, and by joining the Take 3 crew.

Take 3 has done an excellent job in Australia spreading the simple message of picking up 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach.

Obviously this is not all they do, their community engagement schemes, educational presentations and school programs are second to none. I urge every community that is interested in these issues to contact them and make sure they come and pay you a visit.

As the dust settled, I received a wave of e-mails, posts and notifications that our brand was in jeopardy. Pharrel Williams and G-Star jeans have announced they will launch clothing made from marine debris. This went absolutely viral! Sweeping across the nations and making headlines worldwide. Even their marketing video and song has created an instant surplus of people spreading the “I am Happy” campaign.

So here it is people, are we going to fret?

Are we going to surrender to the mainstream marketing machine and hand over all our hard work and years of dedication to fixing the marine debris issue?

Heeeeellllllll no!

I am so stoked that one of the world’s biggest stars has partnered with a strong brand to do exactly what we are doing.

This is amazing news and I don’t think our team at Leisure Activist Group clothing could have pondered a better supportive pat on the back.

So here ya go Pharel and G-Star, “THANK YOU!” for getting the word out. We’d love to work with you.

If you’d like to legitimize your claims, call me!

We have now solidified THREE waste systems in Island Nations. Two in the Pacific Ocean and one in the Indian. I haven’t even been in the Indian Ocean for over 5 years! But with the help of one amazing woman, we get to have a hand in stopping plastic from entering the ocean. Katrin (our lovely rep in the Seychelles Islands you are a wonder!) Let’s keep the Seychelles Islands a lost paradise together

The always-inspirational team at Kitesurf Tonga has packed their container and is moving on out! Soon as they have moved the building supplies on to their new location on Oleva in the Haapai group, we get to direct all of the waste PET we can get our hands on to become the clothes you buy!

And our most recent partnership in this internationally acclaimed fight is the exceptional team at Capt Cook Cruises, in the bountiful land of Fiji. I had the pleasure of visiting their operation last week and cannot say enough good things about this team. I never thought I would EVER step foot on a cruise ship. But in all honesty, this team made the transition as painless as possible.

Proudly operating the biggest little ship in Fiji we joined Capt Cook Cruises for the 7 day 4 Cultures voyage. This tour brought us to some of the most forgotten area’s of a country world renowned for pristine waters and breathtaking scenery.

I was floored by the connection this team has around Fiji with the local communities and how dedicated they are to supporting this countries growth in a positive direction.

Capt Cook Cruises supports 9 schools in out areas, employs countless locals (Even the Chief Officer and 2nd Engineer are local Fijian mariners) and heavily support a clean Ocean!

I can’t wait to see this team again in August when we return with Moana, to film our Fijian episode for the Mini Series on the Ocean Ambassadors.


Mini Series?

That’s right people, The Ocean Ambassadors is going hard for 2014 and will be visiting:

Lord Howe Island

Norfolk Island

New Caledonia


Solomon Islands


And Tonga

We have partnered up with drop dead gorgeous and Marine Scientist Laura Well’s, and National Geographic “World Traveler” host Nick Saxon to present our journey to you, the good peoples.

So, 2014 as the world says, “bring it on.”  I feel confident we can claim, “it’s been BROUGHT!”



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