Takin care o’ business

Moorea from tahiti

Lat/Long – Cabbage Tree Creek Marina
Weather – Fresh Australian winter evening in SE Queensland (extremely fresh, we aint in the tropics no more)
Stereo – My Destiny, Lionel Richie

A couple months pass, and I can’t help but be pleased with all of our advancements.

After a brief visit in April, Moana seemed happy in her long term resting place, and I painstakingly had to return to a regular job.

Long days in the Tahitian sun, running the deck of a 170 ft steel hull beast. I would return to the land of endless planning and possible avenues to carry on.
Though French Polynesia has been base for five years now, there was little joy. Work hours took up all daylight hours, and a fair few weekends.

20 minutes a day, watching the sun setting behind the island of Moorea, was my only solace.

With a tired body and a sun-stroked mind, pieces fell into place.

Making the final decision to shut down the charter doors, and focus on clothing was a huge step.

After hearing time and again about how much people liked the logo, and whether they loved or hated the name (one way or another they remember it, HA!) It was clear, we would once again have to take matters into our own hands, if we were to generate an income for The Ocean Ambassadors.

And why not?

No one sponsored the event last year, not one company came to the table. We, as a group of friends, banned together and did it. We took on the Pacific Ocean in all her glory and made it. So what if we had to pull the plug a little early. I wasn’t about to loose friends or my boat after coming so far. The point is we made it to safety in the end.

So with all our adventure and all those good times, a brand was born.

Born from battle, as they say.

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