Sorry girls, I think I’m taken…

Blog 3

Lat 18 40.0 S
Long 173 59.1 W
Calm, sunny, nice…
Days Events: Final shut down of S.V. Moana and hop on a plane to start my journey back to French Polynesia
Writing about something that has been done a thousand times over is not easy.
So many great sailors, adventurers and writers have penned this story that it seems futile to even try.
I didn’t set out to do this. I’d put myself through this ordeal too many times prior on S.V. Cassiopee.
In my mind, solo sailing was something in my past, something I had proven to myself I was capable of and not something I planned to do on a 38 foot raft for 1,500 nm.
But, any chance to not wear pants for 11 days is worth taking.
Getting out of NZ was harder than expected.
I have never owned a boat in a first world country before. Having all the spares in the world at your disposal is a dangerous way to drain your life savings.
Luckily the previous owners had done an excellent job in fitting out Moana. I only needed a few extras and had to add my equipment that I normally like to have around.
Spear Gun – Check
Kite board – Check
SUP – Check
Quiver of Surfboards – Check
Dive gear – Check
Range of Kites – Check
Yup, that should cover it.
So I set off.

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