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April 2, 2012
Lat: 35 17’. 3 S
Long: 174 06’. 4 E
Weather Observation: Storm’s a brewing
07:30 (NZ Time)
Days Events: Final check on all supplies needed, hope the wind angle is good enough for an afternoon kite session in Paihia
Stereo: Curtis Mayfield

I’m taking some time now to clarify our actions, some peoples have asked me what the connection is to the causes we support and what we are doing. What happens in my head may be clear to me, but I understand where some may become confused.

As well, let me take the time to appologize for “venting” in the initial Capt’s Blog. Soon we will be back in paradise where values are more simple and the frustration that has incured as of late can wash away. Mostly, my time in NZ (this is approx. my 7th visit to this beautiful country) has been wonderful. The country is blessed with some of the most dramatic scenery possible, and it’s quite easy to find a lonely stretch of coastline to enjoy the elements on your lonesome, or at least with only a few friendly locals. And friendly they are, on a whole the NZ public are amazing. Generally speaking you can show up anywhere, and meet complete strangers that are open and exciting. Often the few people you run into are there for a variety of reasons. Some are fishing, others diving, you got your blow-carters, hikers, naturalists, hobby photographers, then of course the surfers, kiters and sailors. On my Bayly’s Beach mission I didn’t see one other kiter, until I doubled back past the car and ran into Matthew Spragg of Sprockett boards. The four times I’ve headed over to 90 mile beach, there wasn’t one other kiter in sight! Every time I had loads of power and the waves were extremely fun to fly around in. Even their most populated city boasts the most sailboats per capita in the world! But what else would you expect from a country that holds a border of the Polynesian triangle, and is in all essence an exposed island in the south pacific. These people know how to have a good time with what’s provided.

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